QTRN Accomplishments


 1981---Farmington Dragway---Booster Award  

 1983---Valley Hills Mall---Dragster Show Outstanding Performance   

 1985---Lincoln County Schools---Outstanding Service to Vocational Education   

 1987---River Cities Raceway Park---Appreciation Award for help with their ‘Kids’ Race…a race              benefiting two children’s home in Kentucky 

 1988---River Cities Raceway Park---Media Award for Kids’ Race and King of the Mountain  

 1988---Sportsman Class Racers Association---Ace Reporter and Appreciation Award  

 1988---Cleveland Mall---Appreciation Award and ‘Recognition of Support in the World of Racing’  1989---International Hot Rod Association---Media Award (for helping bring IHRA back to where              it was ‘before Billy’)   

 1990---Bracket Racing USA---Vol. 4, No. 3 Feature---Drag Racing’s Most Dedicated Fan  

 1994---Super Stock & Drag Illustrated Feature---Members Only  

 1994---Wilkesboro Raceway Park---Appreciation Award  

 1995---Wilkesboro Raceway Park---Appreciation Award 

 2001---Darlington International Dragway---Appreciation Award for 20 years of service and              contribution to drag racing  

 2002---Mountaineer Dragway---Appreciation Award  

 2002---Elk Creek Dragway---Appreciation Award  

 2003---East Coast Drag Times Hall of Fame---First woman inducted   

 2007---Shuffletown Dragway Tribute…Supporter of Sportsman Drag Racing   Many letters of              Appreciation from track owners and operators, advertisers and many others  

Accomplishments in Drag Racing

  1976, 1977 and 1978---Taught several extension classes in Mechanics in Davie County (Mocksville, NC) for Davidson County Community College (mostly for women, but had some men as well).


 1979, 1980, 1981---Worked at Farmington Dragway---did their Public Relations work and wrote stories on races and racers for newspapers all over North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee and other states.

   1979---Graduated Automotive Mechanics---Rowan Technical Institute---Salisbury, NC---Honor Roll.   Spoke at several Career Days at many schools from Davie County to Lincoln County and also had racers bring their race cars to schools for displays and classes.

   Helped with the Boy Scouts of America’s Pinewood Derby…Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem, NC in 1980.   The first issue of Quick Times Racing News was published in April, 1981 with co-owner Barry Jenkins (the paper was Barry’s idea and he gave it its name).

   Took over publishing and editing Quick Times Racing News in September, 1981 when Barry bowed out.   I published the last ‘paper’ issue in December, 2004 after being crippled in an auto accident in October, 2003.

   Published several ‘Special Editions’ over the years.   Held two of the most successful car shows ever held at the Valley Hills Mall in Hickory, NC in 1983 and 1984 and one at Eastridge Mall in Gastonia, NC in 1984. Store owners told us these were the only Januarys in their histories in both malls where they met their quotas of sales for that month!

   Published two Southeastern Drag Strip Directories and two Eastern U.S. Drag Strip Directories.   Published souvenir programs for several tracks in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia.

   Co-founded the Sportsman Class Racers Association with Brenda (Mrs. Wayne) Dollyhigh in January, 1988.

   Helped establish the Southeastern Bracket Racing Association in 1994 which still holds a bracket finals event every year in October.

 Was instrumental in bringing about the institution of Pro Modified Drag Racing. Held the first ever Quick 8, Heads Up, No Breakout race at Orangeburg Drag Strip in 1987. Held the first ever Quick 16, Heads Up, No Breakout Race on any NHRA track at Atlanta Dragway in 1991.

  Started and maintained the Triple 0 and Dead On Clubs from 1992 through 2003 and held free races for members from as far away as Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Mississippi and others.

   Printed photo handouts, business cards and other media such as stationery, envelopes, invoices, etc. for track and racers. Also printed racer calendars.

  Published the ONLY ‘Doorslammer’ coloring book EVER published…in 1990…with hand drawn pictures…ALL autographed by the drivers of the cars with the exception of Walter Henry who had passed away the year before (October, 1989). Received permission from his family to include his drawing.

   Helped raise thousands of dollars for various charities as well as for racers and their families over the years.

   Proofread AND corrected Dave Morgan’s book…Door Slammers: the Chassis Book: in the Acknowledgements: “Becky White of Quick Times Racing News edited my grammar and gave me technical input in relation to what she sees racers go through. Becky may sound like a female Dixie truck driver, but the lady knows the King’s English, American style. If there are any grammatical errors, it’s because I fooled with the copy after Becky corrected it. Racers who grind on trick new pistons and cut up rubber bumpers will appreciate this mania.” (I proofread the book in THREE days!) In my autographed copy, Dave wrote: “To Becky, You are one of the most courageous people I know. The sport is better because YOU cared. Dave Morgan.”

   Proofed AND corrected a Herbert Cams spec sheet.   Assisted other companies with customer spec materials.

   After Shirley Muldowny’s accident in 1984, I tried to get McKinney Race Cars to implement some of the chassis changes which were eventually made AFTER John Force’s accident in 2003!

  Helped MANY tracks implement safety and other improvements such as nice restrooms, play areas for kids, better food, lights, fences, guard rails, concrete starting lines, better pit roads and staging lanes, better pit areas with water and electrical hookups, repaving of tracks and MANY, MANY others improvements.

   Helped many tracks implement races and race programs of which, some are still being run…such as the Kinston Drag Strip WinterFest which celebrated its 30th year in January, 2017 and is still running and the Southeastern Bracket Racing Association’s Annual Bracket Finals which is still running every year! 

More to Come!